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Name: JLSD's 5th Annual Human Trafficking Rally
Start Date and Time: Saturday Jan 13, 2018 01:00 PM
End Date and Time: Saturday, Jan 13, 2018 03:00 PM

Event Information:

Human trafficking is a serious crime, a violation of human rights, and represents an economic cost of 800 million dollars in San Diego each year. On Saturday, January 13, the Junior League of San Diego will welcome community members and guests to its 2018 Human Trafficking Awareness Rally. The event will take place in Balboa Park at 6th Avenue and Laurel Street starting at 1:00 pm.

The Junior League of San Diego’s annual Human Trafficking Awareness Rally focuses on education regarding the myths and facts of human trafficking, recognition of the signs of victims being held captive, and awareness of how to get involved in the fight against it. The Junior League of San Diego is pleased to announce that the following distinguished speakers will offer their insights and experiences at the Rally: San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan, Assemblyman Brian Maienschein,Jamie Quient, and Joseph Travers. Their stories of efforts to combat human trafficking will offer a glimpse into the extent and nature of sex and labor trafficking in San Diego.

Background Information:

  • Human trafficking primarily involves exploitation which comes in many forms, including: forcing victims into prostitution, subjecting victims to slavery or involuntary servitude and compelling victims to commit sex acts for the purpose of creating pornography.

  • Human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry (behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking), reportedly generating a profit of $32 billion every year.

  • California harbors three of the FBI’s 13 highest child sex trafficking areas on the nation: Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

  • At least 110 gangs are involved in commercial exploitation of people (CSEP). 85% of pimps/sex trafficking facilitators interviewed were gang involved.

  • 15 years old is the average age of entry into child commercial sexual exploitation.

  • Those who are vulnerable to fall victims of sex trafficking are homeless (55 percent) and those in the foster care system (28 percent).


Location Balboa Park at 6th and Laurel

Coordinator: Leticia Smith
Attendee List: Alva, Jay
Alvarez, Daniel
B, Courtney
Barger , Dana
Benjamin, Ashley
Blake, Karlie
Bohana, Carolyn
Brakke, Michelle
Brooks, Emilie
Burke, Kathleen
Butler, Danielle
Carley, Lisa
Castañeda, Clara
Coulon, Dominique
Davis, Sonya
Dayton, Melissa
Delan, Christie
Donahue, Kathleen
Donahue, Kelly
Ellis, Ann
Fagan, Amy
Felici, Laura
Foley, Kaitlyn
French, Jenn
Fusco, Carly
Garnica Estrada, Claudia
Giambrone, Chelsie
Glaser, Jennifer
Goldman, Eden
Gomez, Michael
Gonzalez, Stephanie
Green, Emily
Grubaugh, Vicki
Haefling, Lauren
Hazel, Bianca
Hodges, Rosie
Hodges, Whitney
Hoffman , Tiffany
Hoffman, Tiffany
Innocenti, Lorenzo
Jones, Rachelle
Kakavoulis-Perera, Franceen
Keller, Ashley
Kropf, Hannah
Lakers, Victoria
Lamb , Carrie
Lopez, Libby
MacKenzie, Whitney
McClellan , Shannon
McClellan, Shannon
McEneany, Maria
Meadows, Alexandra
Mehrens, Amanda
Melott, Skye
Mendoza , Daniela
Meyer, Lisa
Michelotti, Erin
Morel, Kathryn
Morel, Katie
Morsek, Leslie
Moses, Pamela
Murphy, Kathleen
Nall, CC
Nall, Heath
Nare, Jessica
Nguyen, Nina
Norton Parker, Shannon
Parker, Wesley
Pistner, Danielle
Prestininzi, Tatiana
Robeson, Drew
Robetcky, Darlene
Robinette, Taylor
Rogers, Nicole
Rosenthal, Katie
Saylor, Adora
Saylor, Marjorie
Schellinger, Kriston
Schiro, Sarah
Schulte, Christopher
Seeders, Rachel
Severance, Sarah
Shauger, Lynn
Sheils, Kylea
Skolnick, Jill
Smith, Leticia
Sosa, Elena
South, Larissa
Stepnick, Rebecca
Sullivan, Jamie
Tandy, Jennifer
Tran, Lindsey
Tran, Nancy
Trevino, Josefina
Trim, Rachel
Tsrikos, Lyneah
Vilaplana, Carrie
Villa, Anissa
Villagomez, Melissa
Wall, Lindsey
Webber, Jennifer
Weinstein , Bianca
Weinstein, Linda
Wilcox, Heidi
Williams, Jennifer
Williams, Kinley
Williams, Kinley
Wurster, Nicholas
Zick, Joyce