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Event Registration

Name: JLSD’s Community Impact Forum
Start Date and Time: Tuesday Nov 13, 2018 06:00 PM
End Date and Time: Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018 08:00 PM

Join us for JLSD's annual Community Impact Forum! This year's theme will focus on tools for building confident women and girls.

Additional details will be posted in the coming weeks, check back soon.

POC: Leticia Smith, JLSD Advocacy Chair


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Marina Village, Captain’s Room

1936 Quivira Way

San Diego, CA 92109

Free parking is available at the venue.

Attendee List: Alcantar, Jennifer
Beckley, Nicole
Benjamin, Ashley
Bohana, Carolyn
Brooks, Emilie
Coulon, Dominique
Coulter, Becky
Dishman, Molly
Eberhart, Natalie
Fagan, Amy
Fox, Najwa
Frank, Christiane
Freiberg, Caroline
Gonzales, Laura
Haefling, Lauren
Harris, Jenna
Harris, Kelly
Hill, Deborah
Jaskowiak, Jaclyn
Johnson, Heather
Johnson, Sally
Kipkemoi, Catherine
Knopes, Katherine
Kraft, Ermelinda
Krezinski, Meghan
Le Blanc, Rachelle
Lopez, Libby
McCoy, Nicole
Michel, Kimberly
Minardi, Angela
Mondo, Hannah
Mouritzen, Kristina
Murphy, Kelly
Nall, CC
Parker, Emily
Parme, Laura
Perez, Desiree
Pickering, Emily
Pistner, Danielle
Prato, Courtney
Richardson, Victoria
Roberts, April
Schellinger, Kriston
Sears, Julia
Simpson, Renee
Singer, Kimberly
Smith , Leticia
Solomon, Vaughan
Stanley, Erica
Stepnick, Rebecca
Zander, Evone