Calling all San Diego County Bachelors!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Junior League of San Diego's Jingle Bell Bachelor Bash Auction. You are the key to the success of this event! If you have connections for a great date activity, that is fantastic. If not, we will provide a fun date package for you and your lucky lady.

Should you be selected and elect to participate as a Bachelor, you must agree to the following:


Should you be selected and elect to participate as a Bachelor, you must agree to the following:

  1. Agree to have your name, photo and auction package printed as part of the Bachelor Auction in all media efforts - social media, website, print materials.
  2. Participate, where possible, with media interviews and press opportunities.
  3. Participate on the Bachelor Auction stage and encourage bidding for your date package.
  4. Advocate ticket sales and support for the Junior League of San Diego’s (“JLSD”) mission and community projects.
  5. Agree that all auction proceeds support and will be directly paid to JLSD to support its mission and community projects.
  6. Commit to attend a "date experience" with the winner of the auction package within three months of the event. All items in the auction date package become the property of the winning bidder upon payment.


By checking the box below, I understand and agree that I am voluntarily participating in the Jingle Bell Bachelor Bash Auction at my own risk and by my own request. I give my permission for the free use of my name, likeness, pictures and voice in any broadcast, telecast, social media, print media or any other account in any medium now known or developed later for any legitimate promotional purposes. 

I further WAIVE and RELEASE the Junior League of San Diego’s (“JLSD”), for itself and each of its affiliates, volunteers, agents and the winning bidder from any and all claims or liabilities, direct or indirect, that arise from or relate in any way to my participation in the Jingle Bell Bachelor Bash, including but not limited to any claims arising from or related to the “date experience” with the winning bidder.  I understand that I am participating in this event to further the fundraising efforts of JLSD and I am not a representative or agent of JLSD. 

All submissions, with pictures, are due by Oct 15, 2017.